Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Uvalde, TX School Murder; 4 Suggestions

We all grieve the incredible loss of life in the school shooting and murder (5-24-2022).  I would like to offer four suggestions. 

1.  Every School Police Officer should be equipped with not only a pistol, but two other weapons. 

First, an AR 15 or equivalent.  Second, a high caliber rifle such as a .300 magnum or a .375 H&H. 


An AR 15 will put the police officer on much the same level as the active shooter.  A rifle will allow him or her to shoot farther and more accurately, with a high-capacity magazine. 

The addition of a high caliber rifle (more powerful than an AR 15 with .223 ammo) with a scope would allow the officer to shoot through body armor, or at least provide enough blunt force trauma when it hits the active shooter, to put him out of commission.  It could be used for close or long-range shooting. 

The rifles can be kept in an easily accessible secured locker (the locker should also contain breach tools like a large crowbar, battering ram, body armor, shield, etc.).  At times, though, the officer might choose to carry the AR 15; it might be good for students to get used to occasionally seeing it. 

The School Police Officer would be the first responder, and should have these options immediately available.  Thereby, the officer can instantly and aggressively respond to the danger.  A school shooting is no time to simply secure the perimeter and sit around waiting for a SWAT team to arrive. 

By the way, regular police officers should also have such firepower available to them in the trunk of their police vehicles. 

2.  School Teachers and Staff, who are comfortable doing so, should be allowed, and encouraged, to legally carry a concealed gun. 

If students are hiding in a classroom and an active shooter enters or breaks in, most parents would be very happy if the teacher had a concealed weapon.  They may not have an AR 15, but any gun is better than nothing against an armed murderer. 

Do citizens with a concealed gun permit ever stop crime?  Yes, on a regular basis.  But it is seldom reported in national news.  The day after the Uvalde shooting, a convicted felon began shooting at a crowd of people in Charleston, WV.  He was using an AR 15 style rifle.  A woman lawfully carrying a pistol shot and killed the man, probably saving a number of lives.  Concealed carry often makes a positive difference! 



3.  The spiritual life of our nation must improve. 

A young man with no moral compass may view murder as a valid pursuit.  A strong moral compass develops by respectfully looking to God, the Bible, church.  If you want to measure the strength and stability of our country, one way is to check the health of our churches and other places of worship.  Strengthen yourself and your family by attending and participating in church every week.  Pray for a Revival, a Spiritual Awakening in America.  It has happened before, it can happen again. 

Churches seldom make headlines, they erase headlines! 

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  -John Adams (AD 1735-1826), second American president. 

4.  Family life must improve. 

Parents who love each other and stay together improve the moral life of their children and the nation.  Don’t have children until you are married.  Parents, love each other and love your children.  Spend time with them.  Dad, be a real man and show your kids, through the years, how a man loves, provides for, leads, and protects his family. 

Will we still have school shootings?  Probably, but they will be reduced.  There are other possibilities, but these suggestions can make a difference.  May God bless and protect America.   

-David R. Brumbelow, gulfcoastpastor.blogspot.com, May 31, AD 2022. 


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  1. Outstanding! Four simple steps to solving this and many other issues in America. Thank you!


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