Monday, May 31, 2021

Alcohol Equals Brain Damage

For years abstainers have warned beverage alcohol kills brain cells.  Now there is more evidence of alcohol causing damage to the brain. 

 From a May 20, 2021 article: 

 Any amount of alcohol can cause damage to the brain, and more so than previously realized, according to a study in what researchers call one of the largest of its kind to date.

 The preliminary findings from Oxford University were recently posted to medRxiv ahead of peer review, drawing on clinical data and imaging samples from over 25,000 adults in the U.K. Biobank study. Subjects were aged 40 to 69 years when they were first recruited from 2006 to 2010.

 ‘No safe dose of alcohol for the brain was found. Moderate consumption is associated with more widespread adverse effects on the brain than previously recognized,’ the study reads. ‘Individuals who binge drink or with high blood pressure and BMI may be more susceptible. Detrimental effects of drinking appear to be greater than other modifiable factors. Current ‘low risk’ drinking guidelines should be revisited to take account of brain effects.’” 

 Read entire news article:

 The attitude of many who don’t drink is they cannot afford to lose any brain matter.  I agree.  Stay away from alcohol.  You will find many more reasons at this site ( to avoid recreational drugs of all kinds. 

 No wonder God’s Word says:  

 Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.  -Proverbs 20:1 NKJV

 Be sober.  -1 Peter 5:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:6

 -David R. Brumbelow,, May 31, AD 2021. 


May you all have a great Memorial Day.  Remember, Freedom is Not Free. 



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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Reasons to Oppose Critical Race Theory

I’m glad our Southern Baptist Convention seminary presidents recently condemned both racism and the Critical Race Theory.  Why not simply judge others by their character, rather than the color of their skin? 

Why so many oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT): 

CRT was founded in Marxism / Communism. 

CRT is racist towards White people and gives preferential treatment to Black people. 

CRT says since Black people were mistreated in the past, so White people should be mistreated today. 

CRT teaches that most all White people are racist, unless they agree with CRT. 

CRT is intolerant to opposing viewpoints.  When they say they want a dialogue; they really mean a monologue where others should just shut up, listen to, and agree with, their CRT views. 

CRT wants to view everything through the prism of race. 

CRT wants to make all Black people victims.  Many, many Blacks, however, are very successful in America.  Blacks enjoy great freedom in America.  Many are weary of hearing Black activists, who make ten times their salary, complain about how tough they have it. 

If there is so much systemic racism in the USA, why do so many Backs emigrate to America each year?  Many, many Blacks around the world wish to come to America.  And many do. 

Let’s condemn racism and CRT.  Let’s do our best to treat everyone equally, fairly.   

For those who desire more information, (The Heritage Foundation) has some helpful, extensive information on Critical Race Theory.

Significant Quotes:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) makes race the prism through which its proponents analyze all aspects of American life—and do so with a degree of persistence that has helped CRT impact all of American life. CRT underpins identity politics, an ongoing effort to reimagine the United States as a nation riven by groups, each with specific claims on victimization. In entertainment, as well as the education and workforce sectors of society, CRT is well-established, driving decision-making according to skin color—not individual value and talent. As Critical Theory ideas become more familiar to the viewing public in everyday life, CRT’s intolerance becomes “normalized,” along with the idea of systemic racism for Americans, weakening public and private bonds that create trust and allow for civic engagement. -The Heritage Foundation

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”   -Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"When America comes together, we've made tremendous progress. But powerful forces want to pull us apart. A hundred years ago, kids in classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic — and if they looked a certain way, they were inferior. Today, kids again are being taught that the color of their skin defines them — and if they look a certain way, they're an oppressor. From colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress. By doubling down on the divisions we've worked so hard to heal. You know this stuff is wrong. Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country. It's backwards to fight discrimination with different discrimination. And it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present."

-Senator Tim Scott (R-SC).  AD 2021 

-David R. Brumbelow,, May 4, AD 2021. 



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