Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Brumbelow on COVID-19

A few of my thoughts: 

Pray about the COVID-19 outbreak.  Pray that God would to great things in our country and around the world.  Pray for revival. 

Don’t panic, but get the facts from trusted news sources. 

Wash your hands well and often with soap and water. 

Eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep. 

Do not shake hands or hug, but do be friendly! As you can, be helpful to others. 

Use the good judgment God gave you. 

Trust in the Lord, and keep doing what it right. 

At this point I’m not criticizing churches that close their Worship Services, or those who do not.  But, be very careful. 

Interestingly, churches were forced to close their doors in October, AD 1918 during the Flu Epidemic.  Do some research on this; you will find it interesting. 

COVID-19 is also called the Chinese Flu and the Wuhan Flu, because that is where it started.  But that does not mean to avoid Chinese or Oriental people or Chinese restaurants; they will not give you the virus because they are Chinese!  I love Chinese food. 

Our president and country seem to be doing an outstanding job dealing with this pandemic. 

In the early days many were skeptical concerning Corona Virus.  We should, however be taking it very seriously.  Don’t smart off too much about all this – you may have to eat your words. 

Stay informed about how this affects our churches at 

Your church may be hurting for money.  Remember, your church has to pay the bills, salaries, and give to missions.  Continue giving tithes and offerings.  Mail it or give online if necessary. 

Mission giving during a time of crisis is always appropriate.  Two great possibilites:  Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and Samaritan's Purse.  

The stock market looks terrible and, like many of you, I’ve lost a lot of money in my retirement / investments.  If at all possible, keep your money in the stock market; I’m convinced it will come back fairly soon.  If you can get your hands on cash, now it a good time to invest; stocks are on sale.  To this point, I’ve not taken any of my money out of the stock market; I’ve actually added a little to it. 

I’ve found to be a good source for COVID-19 news. 

Last, don’t wait for a crisis, always be stocked up on toilet paper! 

Update:  A couple of messages we've recently placed on our church sign; 




-David R. Brumbelow,, March 18, AD 2020. 


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