Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Accomplishments of President Trump

In the midst of much condemnation of our president, following are some of President Trump’s accomplishments with which I generally agree: 

Ending USA funding of abortion in other countries, and supporting the Pro-Life cause. 
An excellent Vice-President, Mike Pence. 
Lowering taxes. Something that ultimately helps rich and poor alike. 
Very strong economy, helping everyone, including minorities like Blacks and Hispanics.  Unemployment at record lows. 
Strong Stock Market.  Record highs. 
Business friendly, which results in more jobs, and greatly helps retirement and investment plans.  Helps retirement plans of the poor and middle class, as well as the rich. 
Recognizing the vital importance of fossil fuels while maintaining reasonable pollution restrictions. 
More military spending, thus keeping our country safe. 
Encouraging other NATO countries to pay their fair share in military defense. 
Largely defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 
Ending numerous excess regulations.  This also helps business and the economy. 
Actually saying and writing the word Christmas.  Many leftists are anti-Christmas. 
Christian friendly; some good Christian advisors. 
Nominating conservative Supreme Court justices, and numerous other conservative judges. 
Nominating conservative judges even in liberal areas.  Previous conservative presidents did not do so; they acquiesced to liberal senators in those areas. 
Moving USA embassy to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, and supporting Israel. 
Recognizing Golan Heights as part of Israel. 
Opposing the Iran deal, and supporting freedom protestors in Iran. 
Supporting freedom protesters in Hong Kong. 
Cuts to United Nations. 
Opposing Paris accord on Global Warming. 
Getting tough, yet communicating, with North Korea. 
Justice and prison reform. 
Trump administration arguing in Supreme Court in favor of a Christian baker’s right to not be forced to design a wedding cake for same-sex wedding.  One should be free to do so, or not do so. 
Tough trade talks with China, Canada, Mexico, France, etc.  Insisting America be treated fairly in international trade. 
More emphasis on religious liberty, here and abroad. 

As Cal Thomas says, “Character matters, but so do results.”

-David R. Brumbelow, gulfcoastpastor.blogspot.com, January 7, AD 2020. 

Article by Wayne Grudem on why President Trump should not be removed from office. 


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