Monday, May 16, 2011

B. H. Carroll on Hyper-Calvinism

In 1900 B. H. Carroll preached a sermon on Baptists 100 Years Ago. It was a historical message telling of Baptist leaders and work in the era around 1800. Carroll (AD 1843-1914), was founder and first president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Following are a couple of his comments about some Calvinists of those days who went to the extreme.

“It was a time of strong doctrine, and many Baptists were hyper-Calvinists in their view. But Leland himself tells us how, one day while preaching, ‘his soul got into the gospel trade-winds,’ which so filled his spiritual sails that he forgot about election and reprobation and so preached Christ to sinners that many accepted him as their Saviour and Lord. And oh, I would to God that the preachers of this generation, like old John Leland of long ago, would now get into the gospel trade-winds and bear away with flaming canvas the everlasting gospel to earth's remotest bounds!”
-B. H. Carroll, Baptists 100 Years Ago.

“And here is another lad who will stir up things mightily later on. He will come from the frontiers of Georgia, without education, small in person, slovenly in dress, unprepossessing in appearance, with shriveled features and small piercing eyes. So J. M. Peck describes him.

He is an Antinomian of Antinomians, assuming to speak from immediate inspiration. He will uproot the tender missionary gardens like a wild boar. He will oppose missions, education, Bible and temperance societies, prayer meetings, Sunday-schools and all other evangelizing agencies with indescribable fury.

He will take advantage of the prejudices of ignorance and the prevalent hyper- Calvinism and push his war into all the Southwest until in many associations of Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee the late-blossoming gardens of missionary work shall be as if a cold, chilling frost of death had been breathed upon them. Who is this man? His name is Daniel Parker.

In 1826-7 he will publish his notorious ‘two seed’ pamphlets, that will become his winding sheet and cause his memory to rot.”
-B. H. Carroll, Baptists 100 Years Ago.

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, May 16, AD 2011.

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