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Christian Message on Military Gravestone

Have you noticed the military gravestones in cemeteries?  For veterans, the government will inscribe and mail a bronze or granite gravestone recognizing military service (a granite marker is probably more durable and maybe less likely to be stolen).  This is done free of charge.  A local funeral home or cemetery will probably be able to give you the help you need. You can also find information on the internet. You just need to provide basic information about the individual and their military service. 

If the veteran was a believer in Jesus Christ, it is a great opportunity to include a biblical or spiritual message.  First, the government gives you the opportunity to have a cross inscribed at the top of the marker.  Second, at the bottom, they allow you a five-word personal message. 

I had the opportunity to do this for a personal friend and veteran of World War II.  He was a faithful husband, deacon, Sunday School teacher, Gideon.  But, how do you present a Christian message in just five words?  It seemed impossible at first.  Also, I wanted to include enough of a message so to be as unambiguous as possible.  After prayer, reflection, and the help of my church, we came up with a number of options. 

Perhaps these messages can be of help to you.  They could be placed on a military grave marker, or on any gravestone.  They might also be used on church signs; even a memorial brick in a park, etc.  You can even hire someone to come to the cemetery and add an inscription to a gravestone.  Of course, if you have room for more words, the possibilities are greatly increased. 

Christian Words for a Military Gravestone (maximum of 5 words): 

The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is my rock
The Lord is my light. 
The Lord is my strength
God is my salvation

The Lord is my salvation
Jesus died for me. 
Our citizenship is in heaven. 
God so loved the world
The Lord will deliver me. 

With the Lord
Safe in arms of Jesus
Saved by God’s grace
I repented, believed, Jesus saved
Eternal life is through Jesus

I am the way -Jesus
Follower of Jesus Christ
Jesus, author of our salvation
Victory in Jesus
Come, Lord Jesus.

Saved by the grace of Jesus
Our God is merciful
The King is coming.
Repent, believe, Jesus will save
Repent, believe, Jesus saves. 

Jesus saves
Jesus forgives
In Christ is salvation
In Jesus is eternal life. 
Jesus, the way to heaven

Jesus is Lord of all. 
Jesus – Savior, Redeemer
Jesus is the Christ
Jesus is the Messiah
God is faithful

God’s mercy endures forever. 

Jesus – light of the world. 
Justified by faith in Jesus. 
The truth is in Jesus. 
Jesus Christ is Lord. 
Amazing Grace

Jesus is coming again. 
Jesus came to save sinners. 
Salvation is in Christ Jesus. 
Jesus - same yesterday, today, forever. 
I am the resurrection. – Jesus

Enjoying eternal life in Jesus. 
Jesus will lead to Heaven. 
In Heaven, because of Jesus
Jesus paid it all. 
Eternally secure in Jesus

In Heaven forevermore
Believe in Jesus, live forever
Follow Jesus, live forever
Great is Thy faithfulness
Jesus, Savior of my soul.

Jesus died for all
My God is real
Satisfied in Jesus
Jesus, the Way, Truth, Life
Looking for the Blessed Hope

The one finally decided upon – Repent, Believe, Jesus Saves.  Hopefully this will be a testimony to any who pass by, for many years to come. 

What is your favorite?  Do you have additional suggestions? 

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, May 29, AD 2018. 


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