Thursday, January 1, 2015

On Small And Large Churches

If a church is a sincere baptized body of believers meeting to worship, study God’s Word, fellowship, and evangelize, then I am for them. 

If a church believes and preaches the Bible, I am for them whether they are large, small or anywhere in between. After all, aren’t we are all on the same team?

Large churches can do things small churches cannot do.

Small churches can do things large churches cannot do.

Large churches have both pluses and minuses.

Small churches have both pluses and minuses.

There are some bad large churches.

There are some bad small churches.

No church, whatever the size, is perfect.

Some folks are more comfortable in a large church.

Some folks are more comfortable in a small church.
Regardless of size, each church seems to develop its own personality. 

God has a place for every size church if it is preaching the Word.

Some small churches become large.

Over the course of time, some large churches become small.

Because of deaths, people moving away, and other transitions, a church, large or small, usually has to work hard just to stay even.

Some churches, large or small, eventually die.

Even if a church dies, that will never erase the good they did during their years of ministry. None of the churches started by the Apostles are operating today, but they accomplished much for the Kingdom of God. Other churches have risen to take their place.

A large church can give a huge gift to missions.

A number of small churches giving small gifts, combined, can give huge gifts to missions. Through both, many are enabled to hear the Gospel.

It is unseemly for large church pastors to run down small churches or pastors of small churches.

It is unseemly for small church pastors to run down large churches or pastors of large churches. At least they should not run them down simply because they are large or small.

Thank God for the large churches that lead hundreds to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thank God for small churches that may lead one or two or ten to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. When you count how many church members it takes to lead someone to Christ, sometimes the small church may be the most effective, but certainly not always. There are many variables and fruit will vary from year to year, but all should be telling others of Jesus and His salvation.

Regardless of church size, some church fields are more responsive than others.

One church may be more effective in some areas, other churches in other areas. But God can use us all.

Ultimately, God will be the righteous Judge of each church and pastor.

Large and small church pastors have struggles and stress those who are not pastors will never understand. Some of that stress is the same between large and small church pastors, some is different. But all those pastors need our prayers and support.

Being a large church pastor has its advantages and disadvantages.

Being a small church pastor has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can raise a family well in a large or small church. Again, each will have advantages and disadvantages; but if a family is faithful and committed to the Lord, it can be done and done well.

Inevitably some small churches will lose members to large churches.

Often, however, large churches lose members to small churches.

Each can offer things the other cannot; perhaps it all balances out in the end. Regardless, Christ is being preached.

I read somewhere that you will get to know about 50 people well in your church, regardless of it’s size. So, in some small churches, you will know everyone!

Large churches have small groups. Some churches are a small group.

I believe God is honored by a faithful church, regardless of the size.

Some need to repent of their arrogant attitudes against large churches.

Some need to repent of their arrogant attitudes against small churches.

All believers should be a faithful part of a Bible believing church, whatever the size of that church. May God bless you and your church.

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, January 1, AD 2015. 

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