Monday, May 17, 2010

Ordination of Deacons - Introduction

Churches, especially small churches, do not often ordain deacons. Many young pastors have never seen a Deacon Ordination Service. Many pastors know little about the details of this type service. Some churches conduct a deacons’ ordination like they would a standard business meeting. I believe this type service should not be ordinary, but instead an outstanding, spiritually uplifting service.

Last year our church ordained two deacons. In the next posts, I plan to show the details of our ordination process. This is not to say you have to do it exactly like we did. This is just to show you our procedure, and perhaps give you some ideas for the next time you ordain deacons.

Why should a pastor and church make a big deal out of a simple Deacon Ordination Service?

1. It brings glory to God.

2. It honors the Scripture. Deacons are important in Scripture and should be important in your church.

3. It lets the deacons, their wives, and the church know this is something special. Serving as a deacon, and a deacon’s wife, is an honor and a great responsibility.

4. It shows the church that this is a spiritual office. This is not just a business arrangement, or a symbolic honor that means nothing.

5. Lets the church see first hand what is involved in an ordination service.

6. It gives you a golden opportunity to teach the church about deacons and ordination.

7. A deacon will take their job of spiritual leadership more seriously, if you take their ordination seriously. This should also be true of the current deacons as they participate in this ordination service.

8. People enjoy a certain amount of variety. This is a different kind of service that seldom comes around. Since this is a service that may not occur but once every few years, make the most of it.

I’ve seen people leaning on the edge of their seat to see exactly what is happening in an ordination service. I’ve seen them go away with a sense of wonder and respect at the spiritual impact of such a meeting. It is truly a time of worship.

If you are going to ordain spiritually qualified candidates as deacons, do a first class job. Make it a spiritual experience they will not soon forget.

NEXT: Ordination of Deacons - Finding the Right Men

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, May 17, AD 2010.

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