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Order of Service for DEACON ORDINATION

Below is a copy of our Order of Service for Deacon Ordination last year. We made a special bulletin just for this service. This bulletin was prepared on a regular sized folded paper. The front of the bulletin, in addition to our church name and address, has the heading, Deacon Ordination, March 22, AD 2009.  Of course in this format the spacing will not be the same as in the original bulletin. 

Hope this Order of Service can help another pastor or church in their Ordination Service.

Northside Baptist Church
317 Barbers Hill Road
Highlands, Texas 77562 USA.
281/426-5415; cell 281/705-3433

David R. Brumbelow - Pastor
Gene Littlejohn - Music
James & Becca Cain - Youth
Karen Bascom - Pianist

Deacon’s Ordination Service
March 22, AD 2009; 3 pm

I Will Sing Of My Redeemer p. 281

Prayer Jim Selkirk

Lead Me To Calvary p. 251

Scripture Reading 1 Timothy 3:8-13 - Bobby Powell

Special Music Amazing Grace - Gene Littlejohn

Introduction of Candidates - Kenneth Stanley; James Cain

Introduction of Ordination Council

Questioning of Candidates - Jack Cone

Vote of Ordaining Council and Vote of the church.

Ordination Prayer - Randy Gilchrist

Laying on of Hands * - Ordination Council and any in the audience that are ordained are invited to come forward to pray for the new deacons.

Victory in Jesus p. 499

Sermon Qualifications of the Deacon David R. Brumbelow

Presentation of Certificate of Ordination


* Numbers 8:10; 27:18; Deuteronomy 34:9; Acts 6:6; 9:17; 13:3; 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6.

Time of Fellowship will follow this service.

Current Deacons: James E. Selkirk; Jack Cone

Ordination Council: James E. Selkirk, Jack Cone, Thomas Tulley, Randy Gilchrist, Bobby Powell; David R. Brumbelow.

“Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, with the bishops and deacons.”  -Philippians 1:1
Notice that the believers are called saints, then the two biblical offices are addressed, bishops (also called pastors, elders; these three titles used interchangeably in Acts 20:17,28) and deacons.

What is a Deacon? Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Deacon - from the Greek word diakonos; literally means “servant.” It can be used unofficially of anyone serving the church, or used in its official sense of the office of deacon.

Kenneth Raeburn Stanley was born August 6, 1942 in Alto, TX to Thomas and Freddie Stanley. He has three brothers and two sisters. Kenneth attended Highland Elementary, Baytown Junior High and Robert E. Lee High School. He married Brenda McHugh in 1961 and they have three boys, one girl, 13 grandchildren, and one great grandchild with two more on the way. He has been a mechanic and motor machinist for 50 years and enjoys car racing. Kenneth joined Northside in the early 1990s and was baptized here.

James Cain was born September 25, 1970 to Charles Cain and Winnie Johnson. Attended Sterling High School, Baytown, TX and received his GED in 1995. Began attending Northside in 1995. James accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and was baptized here in 1996. Has a brother, William Cain and sister, Cheryl Cain.
James married Rebecca Franklin in June, 2003. The two of them have taught the youth group since 2004. James works as an Industrial Fire Protection Technician.
Two documents that define much of the beliefs of Northside Baptist Church are the Baptist Faith & Message, 2000 and the Church Covenant. The Baptist Faith & Message, 2000 is the doctrinal statement of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Church Covenant was written in the 1850s and has been used by many Baptist churches ever since.

The scriptural offices in the local church are pastors and deacons.
The two ordinances of the church are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

“Deacons served in both material and spiritual matters (Acts 6:2 to 7:60; 8:5-40). Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was a deacon. Note that when both pastors and deacons did their work faithfully, the work of the church prospered (Acts 6:7). That there are two ordained offices does not mean that a church may not have other workers, such as teachers and leaders, in various phases of the work. Such may be chosen as the need demands. But the ordained officers are pastors and deacons.” -Herschel H. Hobbs, The Baptist Faith and Message, Convention Press, Nashville, TN, 1971; p. 81.

1 Timothy 3:8-13
8 Likewise deacons must be reverent, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy for money, 9 holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience. 10 But let these also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons, being found blameless. 11 Likewise, their wives must be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things. 12 Let deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well. 13 For those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a good standing and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.
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-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, July 7, AD 2010.

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