Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Church Buildings - Dos and Don'ts #3

21. A little extra money when the building is being built, can save a ton of money and trouble in the future.

22. Sometimes volunteer help can get mighty expensive. Make sure they know what they’re doing.

23. Never put a 90 degree angle in a drain line. If you have to turn 90 degrees, do it with two 45 degree angles. 90 degree angles get stopped up more easily. Never lay a too small drainpipe. I’ve actually seen a church drain line of ½ inch pipe and 90 degree angles through the concrete foundation; it was also stopped up.

24. Make the church sign extra large. Consider how fast people are driving by in front of your building. Put up a temporary sign, drive by 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit (with the highway patrol‘s permission, of course :-) ), and see if you can easily read it. Digital signs are nice, fancy, and convenient, but most people driving by do not have time to read your message.

25. Usually a church sign is best if it is placed perpendicular to the main road in front of the church. If you are on a corner, don’t be tempted to angle it toward both roads; that just makes it difficult to read from any direction. Pick one road or the other, and place it perpendicular and as close to the road as possible.

26. If you have leftover dirt from a retention pond, etc., make a berm in an area that will not affect drainage; or drainage can be diverted around it. A berm is a gently rolling hill. Make the slope gentle enough that it can be easily mowed. The kids will love playing on it.

27. A nice nursery and outdoor playground is an advertisement that young adults and kids are welcome. If nothing else, just build a solid, safe, swing set and treehouse out front or to the side of the building.

28. If you have a church parsonage, never locate it next to the church building. A pastor and his family need their privacy. A parsonage should be at least a mile or two from the church.

29. State conventions and LifeWay have helpful, often free, information on constructing church facilities.

30. God bless Volunteer Christian Builders, Texas Baptist Men, and other Christian groups that volunteer to construct buildings for churches and Christian camps. If they come to your church, feed them well!

I know there are many other considerations. But the above can save you a world of aggravation. (Church Buildings - Dos and Don’ts; part 3 of 3)

-by David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, August 18, AD 2009.

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  1. David, where was all of this great advice 6 months ago? Just kiddin. This is all great advice.

  2. Joe,
    Most of us pastors arrive after the questionable work has been done. Then we have to make it work.
    But next time you're around when the building is built, or repairs are being done, maybe these thoughts can provide a little help.
    David R. Brumbelow


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