Monday, August 17, 2009

Church Buildings - Dos and Don'ts #2

11. All exposed wood should be resistant to rotting. Use only treated wood, cedar, or hardiplank. Never use untreated wood when that wood may be exposed to moisture.

12. Have someone who is knowledgeable about drainage to keep an eye on all building and dirt moving. Often people trying to solve drainage problems, instead make them worse. Remember that in a heavy rain massive amounts of water will be pouring off the roof. Proper drainage will allow that water to quickly flow away from the building.

13. Have outdoor water faucets on each side of the building. This helps tremendously with landscaping. If you can’t easily water plants, they usually will not be watered. Have an outdoor above ground water cutoff. Outdoor electrical outlets are also convenient.

14. Make the building safe, solid, and able to stand the test of time. Get the advice of good carpenters. Spend some extra time and money to build it right.

15. It may help to place the restrooms, kitchen, and any rooms that need water in the same general vicinity. A shower or two in the restrooms are also convenient.

16. Make large, nice restrooms. Make both adequate, but make the ladies restrooms larger. Don’t force them to stand in line.

17. Keep the building well lighted and inviting during evening services. Never use light bulbs with a tiny amount of wattage. After all, we are to be the light of the world. I once changed a tiny light bulb with a much larger one in a church entrance; it made such a difference people thought the room had been repainted.

18. Place long, narrow, vertical windows on all the classroom doors so people can see in. This is for convenience and can deter any improper activity in the classroom. Outside glass doors are inviting to visitors and welcome people in.

19. A church cannot hardly have too much property. Until needed, extra land can be rented out or if in the country, let the neighbor run cows on it. Use it for a baseball field. It is much better to have too much property than not enough.

20. A church building can scarcely have too much storage space. Build extra and larger closets. (Church Buildings - Dos and Don’ts; part 2 of 3)

-by David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, August 17, AD 2009.

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