Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Observe Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Sunday

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Sunday (aka Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday) is the third week of each March. This year March 16, 2014. Of course you can observe this day on another Sunday if it better fits your schedule. 

Thoughts on observing this special day:

1. Preach a sermon on Christians and Alcohol. Many church members have never heard a sermon against drug abuse. They need to.

2. Emphasize this day in Sunday School (SS). This can be done in the SS department or class or both. A brief testimony can be presented, or facts and figures can be presented.

3. Pass out a leaflet on this subject in Sunday School or church.

4. Have a note in the church bulletin or a bulletin insert.

5. If not a sermon, have preventing drug abuse as a point in the sermon.

6. This special day gives you a great excuse to speak to this issue.

7. When a concern is not dealt with in church, often people will conclude the issue must not be important and they can do as they please. If a family member or friend gets addicted, they may wonder why the church never warned about addiction and abuse.

8. Have someone give a testimony concerning drug abuse prevention.

9. Have a speaker on this issue from ACAP, etc.

10. Present a ministry that deals with drug abuse such as ACAP. On this day some churches receive an offering for such ministries.

11. Place good books on the dangers of drug abuse in your church library and community libraries. Books like: Ancient Wine and the Bible by Brumbelow; Alcohol Today by Lumpkins; Wine, the Biblical Imperative: Total Abstinence by Teachout; Oinos: A Discussion of the Bible Wine Question by Fields; The Bible and Its Wines by Ewing…

Sources of information for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Sunday:

1. Print the 2006 SBC Resolution On Alcohol Use In America on a half sheet of paper and use it as a Sunday bulletin insert or handout.

2. Get resources from the American Council on Alcohol Abuse (ACAP). 

3. The book, Ancient Wine and the Bible: The Case for Abstinence is filled with resource material and illustrations that can be used for bulletins, flyers, sermons, or Bible Studies.

4. There are a number of resources at this site. You are welcome to reprint the articles: Ancient Wine Production and the Bible; Biblical Principles Condemn Alcohol; etc, and use them as a handout. Check the lower right hand column under Labels/Articles. There is no charge, just give credit to gulfcoastpastor.blogspot.com.

5. Handout index card copies of the Church Covenant, available from LifeWay. It contains a statement against alcohol and drug use.

The bottom line is, please observe this day. Don’t leave your church thinking that drug abuse doesn’t really matter to the pastor.

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, March 4, AD 2014. 

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