Monday, August 5, 2013

SBC Resolution on Alcohol, 1988

Previously I’ve published the 2006 SBC Resolution on Alcohol. A link to it is listed below. 

But I thought it might be informative to publish another of the many Baptist resolutions against alcohol. I was present at the San Antonio SBC where the following Resolution was adopted. This was in the height of the SBC Conservative Resurgence and the convention in which Jerry Vines was elected president.

June, 1988

WHEREAS, Previous Southern Baptist Conventions have passed resolutions on many occasions about the destructive effects of beverage alcohol consumption; and

WHEREAS, Beverage alcohol consumption is responsible for untold thousands of accidents, deaths, illness, and dysfunctional families; and

WHEREAS, We acknowledge that alcohol use is a problem that affects some members of Southern Baptist churches.

Be it therefore, RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting June 14-16, 1988, in San Antonio, Texas, express our total opposition to the advertising, manufacturing, distribution, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we support stringent laws which will both deter drinking and driving, and also ensure swift prosecution of those who are accused of such; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we urge Southern Baptists to work toward making these views known through secular and spiritual organizations, including local, state, and national governments; and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we commend organizations which treat alcohol related problems as well as those organizations which promote prevention, using scripturally based principles.
-San Antonio, Texas

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, August 4, AD 2013.

2006 SBC Resolution on Alcohol Use in America

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  1. Could you list all of the bible references to alcoholic wine and a list of non-alcoholic grape juice? It would be very helpful in this discussion.

  2. I‘ve never tried to list all references one way or the other, but a few thoughts.

    A good place to start would be to check out my article here entitled, “Ancient Wine Production and the Bible.”

    Second, whether the word “wine” in Scripture is referring to alcoholic wine or nonalcoholic wine, depends on the context. Many are easy to figure out, a few, maybe not so easy; this is also true of some other words in Scripture (for example, scholars still debate whether a handful of biblical references refer to God, or someone else).

    Third, a good general rule to follow is that when God commends wine, it is speaking of nonalcoholic wine, when He condemns it, He is speaking of alcoholic wine. There is no doubt God is condemning alcoholic wine in Proverbs 20:1 and 23:29-35.

    But for anyone to insist all wine in the Bible is alcoholic - that is just not paying attention to all Scriptural references, and often reveals a lack of understanding of how common nonalcoholic wine was in Bible times and how easy it was to preserve in this nonalcoholic state.
    David R. Brumbelow

  3. Could someone just take 1 Samuel and show how this works?


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