Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sources of Gospel Tracts; Tract Racks

Tracts (or pamphlets, brief, printed Christian fliers or messages), have been used for many years to point people to Jesus Christ. They are an important means of presenting the Gospel. This post tells you a few places to purchase tracts and tract racks.

Sources of Tracts

American Tract Society
P. O. Box 462008
Garland, Texas 75046-2008
ATS has excellent tracts including salvation, patriotic, sports, Spanish, etc.

North American Mission Board (NAMB)
4200 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022-4176
770/410-6000; 800/634-2462

LifeWay (do a search for “tracts,” or “Choice Creation”) 
Also check at LifeWay Stores. 

State Baptist Conventions
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Southern Baptist Convention

Check also with your local Baptist Association 

Tract League
2627 Elmridge Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49534-1329

Good News Tracts

Individual Tracts and Pamphlets
Church Covenant

Church Covenant Hymnal Insert

Baptist Faith & Message 2000

Welcome to God’s Family (for new believers)

NAMB has a good tract (Hope in Crises) used by Disaster Relief. I could not find it, however, on their website; give them a call.

Other Possibilities
Write your own tracts and get them published. Check them for grammar and spelling. Always include a full address so they can contact you or order more.

A church can print a small half page flyer telling the Christmas Story or Easter Story and distribute them during those holidays. Include your church's full name and address. 

Tract Rack
Years ago our church ordered a tract rack from ATS. It can be hung from a wall or set on a table. It has 20 pockets for tracts. We've used this type tract rack in collegiate ministry as well.

Tract wall hangers usually have one or two pockets and can easily be placed on a wall.

Use tracts to advertise your church. Get a rubber stamp or mailing labels. Place the name and full address of your church on the back of each tract.

Hope these sources are helpful. Purchase some tracts yourself, or check with your church about purchasing them and having a tract ministry. Share the Good News with a world in need of hope.

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, June 1, AD 2011.

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