Monday, December 28, 2009

Global Warming, Global Cooling, & Climate Change

The earth is the LORD’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. -Psalm 24:1

As a boy in grade school, I distinctly remember being taught the danger of Global Cooling. That’s right, not Global Warming, but Global Cooling. We were taught that pollution was clouding the skies and blocking out the sun. Crops would become more difficult, then impossible, to grow. If we did not radically change our ways, we would all freeze to death, if we did not first starve to death.

Somewhere along the line, the “authorities” completely switched their science and opinions. They began teaching the opposite, Global Warming, as though they had never taught anything different. They never issued a public apology for having taught error. No one ever apologized to me or my parents for teaching junk science in my grade school.

Seldom if ever do Global Warming activists, or the media, allow a fair hearing from credible authorities on the other side. They just proclaim all scientists, or at least most scientists, agree that man-caused Global Warming is accepted, uncontestable fact. I have never once seen Al Gore, Global Warming’s chief spokesman, asked tough questions and follow-up questions. He is asked “softball questions” over and over.

Lately, it seems the scientific and climatic evidence is stacking up against the Global Warming alarmists. It was amusing to seen the recent Copenhagen, Denmark Global Warming Summit plagued by unusually cold weather. So Global Warming authorities have begun a new tactic. They seem to be referring more to Climate Change rather than Global Warming. Why would they do so? Simple. With Climate Change you can’t lose. Guess what, the climate changes no matter what we do.

Weather obviously goes through cycles on a yearly basis. In the summer we complain about the heat. It seems hotter than it’s ever been before. In the winter we complain about the cold and rain.

Weather goes through decade or more cycles. Here on the Gulf Coast we have several years of above average number of hurricanes. Then we barely notice when we go through years of few hurricanes. Every 20 to 50 years or so, we have incredible freezing weather. Some have even argued that if Global Warming were true, it would not necessarily be a bad thing.

Is Global Warming true? Yes. Is Global Cooling true? Sure. Is Climate Change true? Of course. Weather goes in cycles, regardless of what man does.

Points to ponder:
* Al Gore erroneously claimed 2006 was the warmest on record. A new documentary reveals the warmest year actually was 1934. Not too many SUVs on the road in 1934.

* The polar ice caps are receding - and advancing; just as they have done through the years.

* Glaciers are receding - and advancing; just as they have done through the centuries.

* Polar bears are not dying out; they are increasing to the point of being a danger, and being overpopulated, in much of the north. Their increasing population should be managed by hunting. Stop showing that lonely polar bear on a melting iceberg. Stop scaring school kids. The polar bears are just fine.

* Global Warming alarmism often ends up hurting the disadvantaged. It prevents economic development in the world’s poorest areas.

The 1 ½ hour DVD documentary, Not Evil, Just Wrong, by the Cornwall Alliance does an excellent job of presenting the facts and a more rational view of Global Warming. See their website at or you can click their icon at the sidebar to the right of this blog.

Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, should be followed up with Not Evil, Just Wrong in our public schools. Why not give both sides equal time?

Baptist Press (, also in sidebar) has done an outstanding job of reporting on the Global Warming issue. Professors Craig Mitchell and Benjamin Phillips at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX ( have been vocal on this issue. See BP December 15, 2009 article, “Profs contest global warming alarmism.”

Concluding Thoughts on Global Warming/Climate Change:
* I do not view this as a strictly Christian issue. You can be a Bible believing Christian and be on either side of the Global Warming debate. I just believe one side is right and the other wrong.

* This is an issue of truth and honesty. Environmental extremists have too often been untruthful.

* Christians should be concerned about the environment and wisely using our God-given resources. We should favor realistic ways to improve the environment and reduce pollution. Leave this world, both spiritually and physically, a better place because you were here.

-David R. Brumbelow, Gulf Coast Pastor, December 28, AD 2009.


  1. David, I have seen Al Gore asked hardball questions and he fails to answer them. He hems and haws until the people in charge of his speaking conferences turns off the microphone of the questioners. This whole thing is a farce. Just like our so-called government is a farce. I pray the states wake up and elect statesmen who will block what the Federal agents of change are trying to do to our country. It will be up to local government to save us from Washington. selahV

  2. SelahV,
    I think you're right. Maybe I should have said that he is never pressed with the hardball questions. He gives a weak answer and then is allowed to move on. I'd love to see a serious discussion between Gore and one or two credible opponents of Global Warming.
    David R. Brumbelow


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